Grand Prix competition.

1st:   Ahmad Jaffal  2:40:44
2nd:  Dawood Moustafa  2:42:36
3rd:  Marwan Arabi  2:43:59
1st:  Ghina El Assir  3:22:26
2nd: Carla Jabbour  3:47:43
3rd:  Elga Trad   3:32:19


Kindly note:  Points we allotted according to Grand Prix Series age categories.  After all points accumulated, we picked three overall men winners and three overall women winners.  There were two ties between Dawood Moustafa – Marwan Arabi, and between Ghina Assir – Carla Jabbour.  The tie was settled according to the better performance time.


The winners will receive the following monetary prizes:


1st place:  $1,500

2nd place: $1,000

3rd place:    $750

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