Chukri Soueidi, Transformer

“I was a very unhealthy person at school, up to 2 years ago where it all changed”
Chukri Soueidi is a man who went from one extreme to another, and it was running that marked his healthy transformation.

It all started 2 years ago when Chukri realized that he was unfit and joined some friends for a jog.
But it wasn’t until the pre-marathon event in 2011 that Chukri started taking running seriously and it became an integrated part of his new lifestyle.
“I went with a friend of mine to a pre-marathon event in 2011; I was motivated by the awesome community there that looked ecstatic introducing the marathon with great enthusiasm.”
Right then Chukri made running his everyday meal, without it he would have no energy. Running became his fuel and he was on fire. It didn’t take Chukri long to become a member of the Elite Running Club (ERC).

“I was introduced in the pre-marathon event to Dr. Ahmad Khalife who asked me to try group running; which made me eligible to be a member of the Elite Running Club”.
Chukri however faced some challenges along the way. Besides breaking bad habits Chukri had to get used to training every single day, wake up early on Sunday mornings, bear the flaming heat of the hot summer days, and finish every run.
After making it through every day of this commitment, Chukri was ready to stand on the start line of a marathon. But he was not ready for injury.
In 2011, Chukri only made it halfway through the marathon before his knee injury made him quit the race and start doubting himself. Chukri was depressed and agitated with himself but not for long. As soon as his knee healed, he resumed his running routine, and the next year he managed to sprint across the finish line overwhelmed with joy and pride.
“The last few kms are what makes the marathon a true lifetime experience. There is no time for hesitation! While your body is forcing you to stop, your mind should stay focused on crossing that finish line. Endurance is the thing I learned in heavy training.”
Running had a ripple effect over Chukri’s life. By introducing this healthy habit he became not only a healthier person, but a more productive one as well. “it’s really amazing what running did to me and how it changed my social life. I got introduced to many new friends who share with me other interests and sports”. It is safe to say that running made Chukri a happier person surprised by the support of people “Lots of friends encouraged and supported me, besides that some even started running with me. Yet, for me it was the group running that heartened and helped me improve and compete.”
Chukri developed into a perfectly content human being, defeating all the elements of unhappiness and embracing all good. Chukri is now spreading the word of his one way ticket to a joyful life and he has one thing to say to those of you who want to be happy “If you care about your life, think healthy, go out there and practice any sport you like. But a piece of advice, join us any Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at 6 pm, or Sundays at 7 am at Ain el Mreiseh and run with us, for running the best sport there is”.

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